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28th Feb 2024

Friends legend ‘to be first signing for Celeb version of The Traitors’

Nina McLaughlin

This would be incredible

A Friends star is reportedly in the line up for the rumoured first celebrity version of The Traitors.

Since it first hit screens last year, The Traitors has had audiences hooked.

For those who aren’t in the know, the aim of the game goes is for the Faithfuls to catch out the Traitors.

At the beginning of the show, a group of contestants are deemed Traitors, without the Faithfuls knowing who they are.

The Traitors murder a Faithful each night, but the Faithfuls have the chance to banish a Traitor if they can sniff them out during the round table discussion.

If by the end of the game any Traitors remain, then they take home the cash prize. However, if the Faithfuls banish all of the Traitors, then they come out victorious.

Sounds juicy, right?

Well, just imagine all that but with a group of familiar celebrity faces.

One of the first stars who is reportedly lined up for the series is none other than Friends actress Courteney Cox.

A source told The Sun: “The fact the producers have a star from Friends in their sights shows the kind of calibre of famous faces Celebrity Traitors is aiming for.

“After the show was announced, producers were swamped with calls from big names and their agents wanting to throw their hat in the ring — many of them a big surprise.

“Courteney has always been a fan of the show, particularly as the British version has her mate Claudia fronting it.”

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It comes after Traitors host Claudia Winkleman shared a video alongside Courteney, with whom she is good friends, teasing the idea of the actress having taken part in this year’s series.

“So I have some news — The Traitors series two is coming,” Winkleman says in the clip.

“Would you like to get involved? I might see you in the castle.”

Courteney then whipped her iconic Traitors hood down and said: “Claudia, can I please do it?”

Claudia replied: “I’ve said this to you before, it’s no. You cannot apply if you’re a celebrity or one as famous as this one.

“Now, off you go.”


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