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08th Oct 2020

Saint Maude is being called one of the scariest movies of the year

Wil Jones

It’s been called “a horror masterpiece”

2020 has been a hell of a year, but Halloween is coming soon and we still need horror movies. And this is why we want to bring your attention to Saint Maud.

Saint Maud is a British horror movie that might not be on your radar, but it really should. It has been called “a horror masterpiece” (by Esquire), and “a revelation” (by Den of Geek), and currently has 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It follows a hospice nurse who becomes convinced she is possessed after taking care of a dancer with terminal cancer.

In the US, it is being distributed by A24, the acclaimed company that brought us other modern horror classics like MidsommarHereditary and The Witch, so you know it is worth checking out.

The official synopsis or the film reads:

The debut film from writer-director Rose Glass, Saint Maud is a chilling and boldly original vision of faith, madness, and salvation in a fallen world. Maud, a newly devout hospice nurse, becomes obsessed with saving her dying patient’s soul — but sinister forces, and her own sinful past, threaten to put an end to her holy calling.

The film – which opens in UK cinemas this weekend – has been picking up incredible buzz from those in the know over the last few months.

None other than Mark Kermode raved about it on Twitter after seeing it.

Indie Wire said Saint Maud is the sort of film that might make horror fans “feel like they’re having a religious experience.”

Den of Geek called it “an intense and terrifying spiritual horror movie that deserves high praise.”

Saint Maud is in cinemas October 9th.