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07th Feb 2023

Dexter prequel has been announced and will show us how he became a serial killer

Steve Hopkins

Time to find out if Harry and Doris Morgan really ‘did a wonderful job’ raising Dexter

A Dexter prequel is reportedly in the works and it will show fans of the crime drama just how their favourite antihero became the most-popular serial killer on television.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Showtime has ordered the series, titled Dexter: Origins, which will be set in Miami.

It will be inspired by real-life murders around the time the titular character, Michael C. Hall, graduated college and joined Miami Metro as the now famous, Dexter Morgan.

Here, he will meet many characters from the original series – so you can expect to see a young Deb and a real much alive Harry.

The original show follows the life of Dexter, both at work at a forensic technician and home, as he struggles to deal with his homicidal tendencies and keep his double-life a secret.

In addition to Dexter: Origins, Showtime will also develop a new incarnation of Dexter: New Blood, which will “depict the ongoing emergence of Dexter’s son Harrison”, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) said.

In 2021, a 10-episode miniseries was released titled Dexter: New Blood, which is the most-watched Showtime series to date.

Dexter creator Clyde Phillips, who served as showrunner on the first four seasons, will also oversee the revival.

Phillips told THR in January 2022 that a new show was in the works that would follow Dexter’s son, saying “there’s a lot I’d like to explore”.

He added: “I don’t have permission yet from Showtime to explore it. But if they were to call — much like Gary Levine called to do what became New Blood — and say we want to do Harrison, I’d drop everything and say yes in a minute.”

The new series will follow Harrison, who having survived his reintroduction to his dad flees to New York, where he must come to terms with his own killer instincts.

The Dexter series has also spawned a spin-off series focusing on the Trinity Killer.

The Trinity Killer, the main antagonist of the fourth season – played by John Lithgow – was one of Dexter’s biggest rivals in the series.

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