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07th Jul 2017

Corrie fans were very unhappy with one ‘graphic’ scene in last night’s episode

'There are kids watching'


Was it too much?

Many Coronation Street viewers were angry about a drug-taking scene in last night’s show.

The episode aired at 8.30pm and saw Rich snort cocaine in his van alongside Robert Preston.

The drug dealer then turned to Robert and asked for more of the drug.

The whole thing turned out to be a sting, as police swooped in to arrest Rich with Robert being in on the whole thing.

People watching were quick to criticise the scene as it was aired before the watershed, with some even tweeting complaints to Ofcom, the UK television regulator, reports the Sun.

“Finding the drug taking a bit too much to watch again before the water shed. Kids are still watching,” said one viewer.

“Cocaine and violence before the watershed? Are you sure ITV?” tweeted another.

Some others, meanwhile, branded the whole thing a storm in a teacup.

“People are raging over a fictional character snorting a line before the watershed.”

“I’m offended because I watched  with my young child & it featured people doing drugs” Come on love, it’s a soap not Teletubbies.”

And one tweeter saw something they deemed to be far more problematic than the drug-taking scene.

“The worst crime shown before the watershed was Robert and Michelle’s acting. Dreadful!”