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16th Dec 2016

Chicken Connoisseur is back with a brand new episode of The Pengest Munch

The biggest event in culinary history.

Rich Cooper

Can you imagine life before the Chicken Connoisseur?

It was a bleak time. A time where goodness and light had been all but vanquished from our lives. Then a young man from London burst in with a fresh set of creps and a passion for food criticism.

That young man was Elijah Quashie, AKA the Chicken Connoisseur, and he’s back with the latest episode of his viral smash The Pengest Munch. Episode seven sees the Connoisseur travel to Woodside Park in North London to check out Sam’s Chicken and, well, let’s just watch, shall we?

It’s safe to say that life hasn’t been the same for the Connoisseur ever since the sixth episode of The Pengest Munch went majorly viral earlier in the week, racking up nearly 2 million views on YouTube. He’s appeared on ITV News and has received invitations from people around the world to come and review their local chicken shops.

And now, with this latest episode (surely the most anticipated Episode VII since The Force Awakens), The Pengest Munch is only going to get bigger and better. With the Connoisseur in the picture, 2017 is looking like a better year already. So how has life changed for the Connoisseur? We asked him.

“Everyone knowing who I am is really weird,” he said. “To walk down the street and have everyone saying hello feels like I’m in some kind of movie; but it’s cool.”

So, what next? Well, episode eight of course.

“The next episode is going to be exactly the same, but in North Finchley. That’s as much as I can say.”
Looking slightly further ahead, he also promises us “something special” in episode nine or ten.
“You’ll have to wait at see for sneak previews across my social media channels,” he adds.

Roll on episode eight, that’s all we’re saying.

To keep up to speed with the very latest from the Chicken Connoisseur, you can follow him on Twitter  or like his Facebook page. Alternatively, he’s on Instagram and (of course) YouTube.

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