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15th Jul 2017

Chaotic Saturday Kitchen sees host slice finger open and cameraman accidentally wander into shot

It's safe to say that things could have gone better...


On live television, it’s only natural that things will go wrong once in a while.

Viewers of Saturday Kitchen were given a couple of reminders of this point as they tuned in for this weekend’s edition of the show.

With guest chef Jun Tanaka preparing a fish to be barbecued, host Donal Skehan helped out by chopping a few herbs. Unfortunately for Donal, it wasn’t just the herbs he managed to chop.

With the cameras fixed on Jun, Donal can be heard letting out a gasp of pain and it soon becomes clear that he’s sliced open his finger.

“Yes… We’ve just cut my finger but that’s ok because this is live television and very sharp knives,” Donal says.

Despite doing his best to continue, the sight of blood is enough to prompt Julian Clary to step in and take control of herb chopping duties.

The reaction from viewers was a mixture of concern, amusement and admiration for his attempts to continue.

Fortunately, suggestions that he’d managed to cut off his entire finger appear slightly wide of the mark – as confirmed by the tweet he sent after the show.

Not done there, viewers were treated to the sight of a rogue cameraman accidentally wandering into shot a few minutes later.

Perhaps we should start watching more regularly?

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