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06th Jun 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger says heaven is a ‘fantasy’ and ‘we won’t see each other again’

‘Anyone who tells you something else is a f****** liar’

It turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be back after all, and if he’s right, neither will you.

The Terminator actor was quizzed on his thoughts about the afterlife and the future, along with Twins co-star, Danny DeVito, for Interview Magazine, and he was pretty matter-of-fact about it.

Forget about the pearly gates or being reunited with dead friends and family, according to the 75-year-old, what awaits is, is, “nothing” and anyone who says different is a “f****** liar”.

Interview magazine asked the FUBAR star, ‘What’s in the future for us?”, and in reply, Arnie recalled being asked something similar earlier in his career.

He said: “It reminds me of Howard Stern’s question to me,” Arnie explained.

“‘Tell me, governor, what happens to us when we die?’ “I said, ‘Nothing. You’re six feet under.’ Anyone that tells you something else is a f**** liar.”

The former Mr Olympia went on to say: “We don’t know what happens with the soul and all this spiritual stuff that I’m not an expert in, but I know that the body as we see each other now, we will never see each other again like that.”

But rather than having the heart of a cyborg, Arnie said he was quite saddened by that thought.

While admitted he thought heaven is a “fantasy”, the actor said: “When people talk about, ‘I will see them again in heaven’, it sounds so good, but the reality is that we won’t see each other again after we’re gone. That’s the sad part. I know people feel comfortable with death, but I don’t.”

In the past two decades, Arnie said he had lost over a dozen friends in the bodybuilding world, a sport he dominated for more than a decade.

The constant heartache had led the icon to come up with his own form of ‘heaven’, which he told Interview Magazine was a place in his head.

“To me, heaven is where I put a person who I love dearly, who is kind, who is generous, who made a difference in my life and other people’s lives.

“I keep them in a spot in my head, like that front row that you have of all of your friends.

“And you always have a good feeling when you think of them.”

The father-of-five is set to open up further in his new Netflix documentary, Arnold, which steams Wednesday.

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