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15th Jun 2022

Amber Heard denies she’s being cut from Aquaman 2

Danny Jones

The actor claims she has been fighting hard to keep her job for months

Amber Heard has denied fresh claims that she has been cut from Aquaman 2 in the aftermath of her high-profile court case.

The 36-year-old’s role in the upcoming DC sequel has been questioned once again after a Just Jared exclusive claimed that not only had her scenes been cut from the final edit of the film but that her character Princess Mera has been “recast” entirely.

However, speaking to the MailOnline a spokesperson for Heard quickly shut down the rumours, remarking that “the rumour mill continues as it has from day one” and that the claims are “inaccurate, insensitive, and slightly insane.”

Is Amber Heard still in Aquaman 2?

Despite having shot her scenes sometime ago ahead of the initially scheduled release date in December – now pushed back provisionally to March 2023 – Heard’s part in the film has been rumoured to have been reduced and even cut completely for some weeks now, with her the Aquaman and Justice League star referencing her struggles against the studio while on the stand.

Speaking during cross-examination from Johnny Depp‘s lawyers, Heard revealed, “they didn’t want to include me in the film” and that while she fought “very hard” to stay in the movie, the end product is still only a “pared-down version” of what was originally envisioned in the script.

Moreover, recent reports suggested that Heard was only kept on board thanks to the lead Jason Momoa and director James Wan, after petitions to have her axed from the production garnered millions of signatures even before the trial began.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez are set to return to court in July as the actor must now defend himself against claims that he physically assaulted a crew member on the set of City of Lies in 2017.

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