Warner Bros could remove Amber Heard's scenes from Aquaman 2 2 months ago

Warner Bros could remove Amber Heard's scenes from Aquaman 2

Rumour has it Heard won't be appearing in the Aquaman sequel after all

Amber Heard could reportedly have her Aquaman 2 scenes cut following rumours of a meeting between Warner Bros Entertainment executives following her high-profile lawsuit loss on Wednesday, June 1.


Heard, 36, played Mera in the original live-action retelling of Aquaman back in 2018 and has already filmed her part for the 2023 sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. However a recent rumour seems to suggest that those scenes could be now scrapped.

According to the often-reliable insider and Geeks World Wide editor-in-chief, KC (Casey) Walsh, a meeting between Warner Bros. and DC execs supposedly ended in the decision to cut her from the movie entirely, having already admitted to her role being reduced amid the defamation case.


As you can see above, Walsh shared a screenshot of an iMessage from an anonymous source who claims the final decision has already been made and what little of Heard's scenes were still left in the edit are now going to be thrown out as well.

Having mentioned on the stand that she "fought hard" to keep her role as the Atlantean princess, other reports suggested that director James Wan and lead Jason Momoa were responsible for her staying in the film. Now it would seem that it might have all been in vain.

As if studio pressure wasn't enough, a petition for her to be axed from the project has already reached over 4.5 million signatures. Meanwhile, fresh off his court case win, ex-husband Johnny Depp's acting career looks as though it might be back on track as a former Disney exec "absolutely believes" a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot could happen with the 58-year-old on board.


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