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08th Dec 2020

Science educator Bill Nye brilliantly debunks false claims that face masks ‘don’t work’

Science presenter and educator Bill Nye has brilliantly debunked the flawed notion that face masks 'don't work' and 'don't stop the spread of coronavirus'

Alex Roberts

Nine months on from the first lockdown, it’s amazing this still needs to be addressed

Science presenter and educator Bill Nye has brilliantly debunked the flawed notion that face masks ‘don’t work’ and ‘don’t stop the spread of coronavirus’.

Since the onset of lockdown, face masks have been permitted in public places as a means of combatting the spread of coronavirus.

face masks working outWearing a face mask while working out won’t impact your performance. (Photo: iStock)

In a video posted to his TikTok channel, Nye outlined exactly why face masks are effective in stemming the flow of Covid-19.

The clip has since been viewed over 13 million times.

In the video, Nye showed a direct correlation between US states where face masks are common, states where they aren’t worn as much – and overall coronavirus infection rates.

Yep, you guessed it. US states where face masks are prevalent show a lower rate of coronavirus transmission.

“The fewer the masks, the more the sick,” said Nye.

That’s the correlation covered. ‘Science Guy’ Nye then specifically explained why face masks are effective.

“There’s a perception that the virus can travel through the fibres of a mask. Viruses don’t travel through a mask,” he said.

“Viruses don’t travel by themselves. They travel in droplets of spit and snot. The fibres [of the mask] are entangled, so when the droplets get into the fibres of the mask, it gets trapped.

“This is not that hard to understand, everybody.”

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Nye then said this is why there are laws, rules and regulations in place regarding the use of face masks.

“You know about rules. You pay taxes on the whole road, but you only get to drive on one side at a time. So everyone please wear a mask – thank you.”

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