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04th May 2020

Anti-lockdown reaction: Debunking the 5G Covid-19 conspiracy protests



Why are people protesting a virus?

When anti-lockdown protesters took to the streets of central London over the weekend, their reasons for being there were both united and varied. Universally they were there to decry the government for enforcing a lockdown which most of them considered to be ‘undemocratic’.

But their reasons for believing it to be undemocratic were numerous, from viewing the entire virus as a false flag to allow the government to install 5G technology and, as a result, control the population to believing the virus itself was real, though not nearly as dangerous as it in fact is.

We look back on the protests over the weekend, the reaction on social media and the veracity of the claims made by those in attendance, and wonder, at a time when people are dying in their thousands and the NHS is on the brink, why are people protesting against a virus?