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11th Oct 2021

Jimmy Carr slams heckler who goes too far “Get him out the f*****g building”

Danny Jones

Jimmy Carr throws out heckler

Usually, Carr is famously willing to indulge hecklers

Jimmy Carr‘s patience was worn thin during a recent stand-up gig thanks to an incessant heckler, leading him to order security to: “Get him out the fucking building”.

On a regular day, the 49-year-old comedian is famously willing to engage with hecklers – he dedicates entire sets to it, in fact – but during this incident on Thursday October 7 at the Lighthouse in Poole, the 8 Out of 10 Cats host was no longer willing to give them the time of day.

You can see a clip below:

As you can hear in the snippet of the exchange, Carr isn’t willing to let the disruption go on any longer, telling the staff: “Guys, stop negotiating with him and get him out the f*****g building,”, adding, “Steven does my security – he does not give a f**k.”

One local who was present at the show, Mandy Cope, claimed she had sat near the heckler and explained how: “Initially they weren’t being abusive, just annoying thinking everyone was enjoying their constant interactions which were interrupting Jimmy’s flow and the audience’s enjoyment.”

However, Carr then went to: “let them know that they were being annoying with his banter, but they were loving this attention and did not take the hint.”

It is unclear what exactly was said or how long the incident went on for but Carr was clearly unwilling to let the heckling continue any longer, apologising to the crowd for the delay and general awkwardness.

As confirmed by the video, another onlooker, Craig Horrocks, told Dorset Live that Carr’s security guard, Steven, was then brought on stage and cheered until he “literally dragged” the heckler out of the building.

Though it was reported that there was somewhat of a scuffle amongst the four people who were removed from the building, Carr seemed to handle things relatively calmly on his end, with Mr. Horrocks adding that he joked: “You’ve done this to yourself mate. If it’s any consolation, I’ll keep the money,” and “don’t forget to buy my book!”

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