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31st Mar 2020

Football Manager: Veteran player hands his team to a rookie


Would you hand the keys of your football team to a novice?

Kyle Picknell is very good at Football Manager. He has committed thousands of hours of his life into the game, and as a result has got really good at it. Joe Gilmore has not. He has never played Football Manager in his life and as a result is not very good at it.

So what, we thought, might happen if Kyle handed the reins of his treasured team over to this novice, to preside over the last game of the season? For context, Kyle is managing Olympique Marseille. He has devoted 200+ hours to the team and, with just a solitary match remaining in the Ligue 1 season is unbeaten, one point ahead of second-placed Paris Saint-Germain.

A win against OGC Nice would grant the passionate Marseille fans their first title in years, and all that stands in their way is a man wearing a suit top and a pair of shorts. Guess what? It does not go very well at all.