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07th Jul 2018

‘It so f****** isn’t’: Watch Noel Gallagher react on-stage to crowd singing ‘Football’s Coming Home’

Apparently, Noel doesn't fancy England's chances

Rory Cashin

Apparently, Noel doesn’t fancy England’s chances

On Friday night, Noel Gallagher took to the stage in Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre with the rest of his High Flying Birds, as they approach the end of their Stranded On The Earth tour.

They’re still on the promotional campaign for the band’s 2017 album Who Built The Moon?, and just hours before England are set to take on Sweden in a quarter-final game in the World Cup, he was greeted by the crowd bursting into a rendition of ‘Football’s Coming Home’.

His response? Pure Noel.

“Seriously though, it fucking so isn’t.”

Initially, the crowd seems to take it as a joke, laughing at his response, but then Noel doubles down:

“It fucking is not. It is not. You fucking know it. And I know it.”

Now the crowd is all-too-aware that Noel is absolutely not joking, and they go from cheering and laughing to loudly booing, and it doesn’t take the HFB frontman long to realise that the vibe could go further south…

“Fucking… what? Hang on a minute…”

The camera pans to a close-up of Noel at the mic, looking around, and we’re guessing he is about to kick into a new song before the video cuts out.

Probably for the best, all things considered.

Check out the full clip right here: