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22nd Apr 2017

This man told the world that he sends nudes and he must regret it

Paul Moore

Put in his place with with one message. Brutal but funny.

There are certain moments when corporate b*nter on Twitter is about as funny as having your tooth pulled with a pair of rusty pliers.

Whether it’s hijacking the latest trending hashtag or adding some company image into the latest viral meme/photo or video, it’s usually about as funny as a Game of Thrones wedding.

This being said, nobody wants to feel like they’re dealing with a faceless, robotic and cold company, and with this in mind, it’s clear that whoever is working on the  Twitter account is an upstanding employee with a ridiculous sense of humour.

After sending a fairly innocent tweet to their followers which said “Got your hands on the Galaxy S8? Show us the first photo you took”, here’s the response that they received from a gentleman that was a bit ‘forward’ with his answer.

Some balls from Edward to tell the world – and Samsung’s 5.36 million followers – this piece of information.

It’s clear that the Samsung social media team got a rise out of Edward’s reply because their response was one of the finest examples of a Twitter mic drop.

Regarding this wicked and funny customer service, we wonder if they can keep it up?

Poor Edward got shafted.

The microscope must be Samsung’s way of telling Edward to look for some common sense before tweeting. Yeah, that’s what it is. (Cough, cough)

To Edward’s immense credit, he took the joke really well.

See, happy endings all round.