Sony could be working on a new Playstation 4.5 console 6 years ago

Sony could be working on a new Playstation 4.5 console

Sony isn't one to rest on its laurels.

Just after the news of the Playstation VR headset, reports are emerging of Sony developing a brand new console - a Playstation 4.5 - with a focus on virtual reality.


According to Kotaku, the rumoured console would come with increased graphical power and a GPU that would support high-end 4K resolution (that's super-sharp, high-definition to you and me - four times what the current Playstation 4 runs games at).

Based on conversations with Sony, the extra juice would help the company better develop apps and games for its new VR headset, which is coming this autumn.



When Kotaku contacted Sony about the rumours, it declined to comment. “We can’t comment on rumours or speculation,” a spokesperson said in an e-mail.

So that's not technically a yes. But it's also not a no either.

All we know for sure is Sony is bringing out the heavy hitters for the tailend of 2016 thanks to its VR headset.

Both Sony and Microsoft are looking to make up ground on the current slate of gaming PCs. With Valve making inroads on your living room space with its long-awaited Steam machine it's all change in the gaming world at the moment.


Staying up until 3am playing Grand Theft Auto will never be the same again.