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25th Mar 2017

Scammer tries to con people out of money over the phone, accidentally calls the police

Paul Moore

Their conversation has been viewed five million times.

Given the fact that technology can provide an incredible amount of anonymity, it’s likely that you’ve had some frustrating experiences with complete strangers on the phone or online.

You’ve probably been infuriated by phishing emails, bogus calls and elaborate scams, but if you were secretly wishing that these scammers were called out on their lies, an officer from the Eau Claire police department in Wisconsin has just the thing for you.

Officer Kyle Roder recently discovered a voicemail message from an unknown number. The caller claimed to be from the IRS (the US’s governmental tax-collector), and said if Roder didn’t call back he’d be arrested.

We really love how Officer Roder absolutely toys with the bumbling fraudster over the phone.

Take a look.