"I need you cool. Are you cool?" because a new Reservoir Dogs game is coming soon 5 years ago

"I need you cool. Are you cool?" because a new Reservoir Dogs game is coming soon

"Lookin' back on the track for a little green bag."

Mexican standoffs, pop-culture dialogue and a soundtrack that continues to kick ass. It could only be Quentin Tarantino's bloody brilliant debut, Reservoir Dogs (emphasis on the word bloody here).


Prepare to feel old but it has been 25 years since we first saw Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Nice Guy Eddie, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink and Mr. White first burst onto our screens, and to mark this anniversary, we're being treated to another video game that's based on the world's most violent diamond heist.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is being developed by Lionsgate/Big Star Games and in the game, you'll get to play as various members of the crew as you perform random acts of criminality in the buildup to the fateful diamond heist.

Guns, alarms, police cars, dead bodies, mobsters and more are all here as you take "control of different characters for overlapping bursts of time, players must utilize the strengths of each squad member to carry out the game’s missions, with every move and shot creating a butterfly effect on the overall outcome.”


Gamespot got a chance to play it and stated that "Bloody Days doesn't need to rely on nostalgia to be worthwhile. It offers the sort of original, inventive mechanic that you always hope to see."

In the immortal words of Mr Blonde, "Are you gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you gonna bite?" The game is launched this spring, first on Steam (PC) and then Xbox One later this year.

Take a look.



Clip via - Big Games