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11th Aug 2017

The ginger emoji is finally coming to your phone along with a few others

Red heads rejoice!

Paul Moore

Know anyone with red hair that would use this?

When iPhone users downloaded the latest iOS update, they were given access to a whole host of new emojis. This being said, one emoji was left out and it caused a bit of a stir- the emoji for ginger hair.

Such was the fiery furore of red heads everywhere, a petition was started to add a ginger emoji to Apple’s range. In fact, the petition amassed more than 10,000 signatures. Well, take a look at democracy in full flow because the red head emoji will be added along with a few others.

The new emoji will be available from June 2018 after the organisation’s emoji subcommittee approved 67 new characters to be developed.

What a time to be alive.

Jeremy Burge, a member of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, has said that this new ginger emoji was the first candidate to be selected for final approval for the emoji world. Aside from this new addition, there’s also going to be new emojis that represent people with bald heads, curly hair and silver hair.

Burge says: “Redheads have been a highly requested addition. The implementation raises questions like which emojis should be able to have red hair, and if red hair is added, what about other hair colors or styles? The current approach is to use a flexible system, which could allow any emoji to be given red hair, although no recommendations have yet been made on which emojis should be given a red hair option.”

Here’s a look at some of the other emojis that will be making an appearance.

We can all agree that today is a great day for ginger people.

Here’s hoping that this is one less insult they have to face from their mates.