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15th Apr 2016

Apple only expects your iPhone to last three years

Best renegotiate your phone contract...

Carl Anka

Turns out your brand new iPhone isn’t expected to have that long a shelf life.

This week Apple launched its new environment push and let slip that it only expects iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches to last “around three years”.

And your shiny Mac? Lasts about four years.

That doesn’t technically mean that every three years or so your Apple products automatically crumble in your hands; more how long a first owner of said Apple product will use the item for, and how much they contribute to the greenhouse gas lifecycle.

Think of it like how most phone contracts last two years before people upgrade, rather than Apple sneakily grinding your old phone down to a halt through lack of updates when they have a new product to sell.


The news comes as Apple moves to become a “greener” company. The tech company has recently launched a Apps for Earth campaign with the WWF and is looking to make its items more recyclable.

So there you have it. Now people that smash their phone screens regularly have a ready-made excuse as to why they have a new iPhone all the time.