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28th Jul 2017

Yes, people really think Paul Pogba has just hinted at a move to Barcelona

Oh come on...


Brace yourselves, Manchester United fans: Paul Pogba is almost certainly set to leave. Again.

As we all know damn well, when a football player likes a comment on Instagram suggesting he might move to another club, it’s as good as a done deal.

This is precisely what’s happened with the French midfielder, not even a year after sealing his return to the club from Juventus.

After Pogba had posted a picture of himself sharing a joke with Neymar and Lionel Messi after United’s tour game against Barcelona in Washington DC on Wednesday night, one commenter wrote: ‘Pogba to Barca in the next couple of years?’


??? @leomessi @neymarjr #smile #mutour #manchesterunited

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Instead of ignoring the comment, it was soon pointed out on Twitter that Pogba had actually taken the time out of his day to like it – an action that almost certainly confirms (to some, at least) he’s got his eyes set on a move.

So that’s that then, right? He might as well be posing for pictures alongside the Barca president or doing keepy-uppies at his Camp Nou unveiling.

Or perhaps there’s absolutely nothing in it, and we all just need to stop paying so much attention to Instagram.