WWE star tears pec ahead of Hell in a Cell match and still goes on to 'win' 4 weeks ago

WWE star tears pec ahead of Hell in a Cell match and still goes on to 'win'

Say what you will about this entertainment sport but the physical toll is undeniable

WWE star Cody Rhodes suffered a brutal injury ahead of his 'Hell in a Cell' match against Seth Rollins on Sunday night as he managed to tear one of his pecs prior to the fight.


As the organisation announced prior to the much-anticipated match up, Rhodes saw his right pectoral muscle "completely torn off the bone while weight training" earlier in the day, but still went on to see out the bout.

You can see the incredible moment 'The American Nightmare' and son of fellow former pro, Dusty Rhodes, revealed his injury and extremely large bruise to his opponent at the start of the fight:


As is typical when it comes to anything WWE, many debated the authenticity of the 36-year-old's injury while others were just as quick to state it was as real and painful as it looked; some questioned how, if so, he was allowed to step into the ring at all.

Although we all know the vast majority of the fighting is carefully pre-planned and coordinated, the strength, endurance and overall physicality it takes for these wrestlers' bodies to withstand the strain of these high impact and often acrobatic moves are undeniable.

It was only a couple of months ago that one-third of the New Day trio, Big E broke his neck during a Smackdown event and we suspect using through the pain on this occasion was also an immense undertaking.


Nevertheless, fighting through it, the former intercontinental champion was able to win the 2022 Hell in a Cell and go undefeated in three matches against Seth 'Freakin' Rollins, pulling off three signature 'Cross Rhodes' finishers in the process.

While it is unclear how much time Rhodes expected to miss following the significant muscle and tendon tear, the New York Sports Medicine Institute suggest that injuries like this typically require surgery to repair the tear and re-attach the tendon to the bone. From then on, it can take anywhere from six months to a year for a full recovery.


Rhodes is set to address the extent of injury and recovery, as well as his remarkable victory on Monday Night Raw.

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