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12th May 2022

Local conservative club’s wrestling ‘death match’ probed by police

Callum Boyle

Performers were attacked with a garden strimmer and glass

TW: Blood and violence 

A wrestling match which took place at a local conservative club is being investigated after performers were attacked with a garden strimmer and glass in front of a family audience.

The team ‘death match’, which took place at the Seaham Conservative Club in Seaham, County Durham, on April 29, saw the performers left blood-soaked following a series of violent attacks.

The Colliery Championship Wrestling (CCW) hadn’t previously advertised that the event would be a ‘death match’, and had even offered family ticket discounts to the event.

The promoter for the event apologised (sort of)

James Barrass, who works for the CCW, revealed that the use of weapons between wrestlers Ronnie Thatcher and Blizzard has “escalated” and happened without the promoter being informed beforehand.

Barrass offered his apologies (sort of) before then saying that despite the outbreak of violence, the audience had enjoyed the spectacle (massacre) even though it “wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.”

“Things can sometimes not go to plan. Obviously there was a little bit more that went down,” he told the BBC.

“I spoke to the two guys afterwards. We had discussions and obviously that will not be happening again.

“We have apologised but how many times do you say sorry? How many times do you have to be penalised in life?”

Footage released from the event showed two of the wrestlers being cut with gardening tools and being smashed by glass lightning tubes in front of the audience, which had children and several adults filming in the crowd.

Wrestling death match

Local Twitch streamer admits event wasn’t family friendly

Local Twitch streamer and wrestler Benji had made people aware of the event on social media and despite claiming that ‘death matches’ were a popular part of wrestling, admitted it wasn’t appropriate for children to witness.

“I’ve never seen this in my time in wrestling,” he said.

“I’ve been involved for seven years and I’ve never seen this type of ultra-violence in front of a family audience.

“If I see a family-friendly show advertised, I’m going in good faith that my child will be seeing what they see on TV.”

Meanwhile, a Durham Constabulary spokeswoman said: “We are working with Durham County Council’s licensing team after a number of complaints were received by the local authority in relation to an event at Seaham Conservative Club on 29 April. Inquiries are ongoing.”

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