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20th Nov 2022

World Cup 2022: Day One

Callum Boyle

It’s finally here

After years and years of waiting and questioning why they decided to host the tournament here, Qatar 2022 is actually upon us.

It all begins with watching the host nation take on Ecuador at a sold-out Al Bayt stadium after the Opening Ceremony to officially commemorate (and sports wash) the start of the tournament.

This will be Qatar’s first-ever appearance at a World Cup finals meanwhile for their South American counterparts, they will definitely fancy themselves to qualify for the knockouts after the news that Senegal, another one of their group opponents, would be without main man Sadio Mané through injury.

Opening games of the World Cup always tend to be a cagey affair but given that not many people (no, not even your football hipster friend) will have watched much of Qatar’s national team, we’re going into this with a real unknown entity of what the quality will be like.

As with the rest of the tournament there is the reminder that you are allowed to enjoy the games, celebrate the goals and praise the standard of football on display, but do not let that distract you from the horrors that have gone on place ever since Qatar were awarded the World Cup.

Thousands of innocent workers have sadly lost their lives, human rights abuse continues to remain rife and even now, fans are arriving to find accommodation best comparable with something from Fyre Festival.

But the best way to catch all the build up, moments from the game and post-match reaction from tonight’s first game of the tournament can be found right here where we’ll be keeping you up to date with everything that’s going on.

The link below will be all you need to ensure you don’t miss a moment:

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