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31st Dec 2022

Paddy Pimblett fights internet troll and was surprised by the outcome

Charlie Herbert

Paddy Pimblett fights a troll

Paddy ‘the Baddy’ decided to teach the troll a little bit of a lesson

Paddy Pimblett decided to see whether an online ‘troll’ had the bravery to step away from they keyboard and come to spar him.

According to the UFC fighter, the Twitter loud mouth kept “talking s**t” commenting under his posts that he wanted to come and spar him. Although the Liverpudlian made clear that it was never anything very serious or offensive, he took issue with the guy claiming that it wasn’t trolling, which Paddy disagreed with.

So, Paddy booked him a train ticket from Bristol up to Liverpool to see whether he could walk the walk along with talking the talk.

And much to everyone’s surprise, the guy turned up, with Paddy immediately commenting that he “had a set of balls” on him for taking him up on the offer.

Paddy also had a deal with him – if the guy could survive a few rounds with him, he’d reward him with £500.

So, the pair laced up the gloves and stepped into the arena.

In fairness to the challenger, he clearly had a bit about him. But, even though Paddy was going soft on him, it wasn’t long before he was battered down.

After appearing to pull his hamstring, he soldiered on.

But unsurprisingly, after less than two rounds, he ended up on the floor at the mercy of ‘The Baddy’, and the ordeal came to an end.

But he’d earned the respect of the UFC fight, who praised him for actually turning up and not just hiding behind his keyboard, unlike most trolls and, according to Paddy, a lot of UFC fighters.

In the end, he was rewarded with £5o so he could treat himself to some nice food in Liverpool (and probably a few painkillers as well), and he even got to meet Manchester rapper Meeks, who had paid a visit to Paddy’s gym that day.

You can watch the whole thing below.

In one of his previous videos, Paddy recently decided to test himself against 10 marines, and to be honest it was no contest.

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