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24th Feb 2016

This is the weight Conor McGregor is walking around at right now

Ben Kenyon

Conor McGregor has built himself into a proper beast for his fight at UFC 196.

You only have to look at the difference between when he weighed in to face former 145lbs king Jose Aldo when he won the featherweight title.

But, in the words of his coach John Kavanagh, you’ve seen him on salads, now watch him on steaks.

That was when he was fighting for the lightweight title at 155lbs before Rafael Dos Anjos pulled out with a broken foot.

The MMA world was stunned to hear that not only would McGregor be facing Nate Diaz – but he would be doing it at 170lbs.

That’s a huge step up to go from featherweight to welterweight in one fight.

If you’re more familiar with boxing weight categories it would be like facing Amir Khan at welterweight then stepping up in your next fight to face Bernard Hopkins at light heavyweight.

It transpired that there had been negotiations to get the bout at 160lbs – before McGregor said ‘Make it 170. Tell him to get comfortable.”

McGregor doesn’t appear at all phased by the late fighter change or the fact he’s stepping up to fight at welterweight.

According to one journalist this is the weight he is walking around at now – it’s no wonder he looks like a beast…

Look at the size of him…