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30th Jul 2015

Spanish artists reimagine Messi and Ronaldo as olde-time players


One of the questions regularly asked of the all-conquering Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is whether they’d have been able to perform to the same level in a different era.

While we might never have a definitive answer, a collective of Spanish artists has at least provided an idea of what the stars might have looked like in the past.

Paladar Negro (the black palate) has placed Ronaldo, Messi and a number of their El Clasico team-mates in vintage Real Madrid and Barcelona kits, complete with new haircuts befitting iconic football eras.

You can look at the gallery above for more examples from the ‘Cracks de todos los tiempos’ (cracks of all time) series, or visit for some of the collective’s other football-based projects.