Gareth Southgate says 'WAG' is a 'disrespectful' term 1 month ago

Gareth Southgate says 'WAG' is a 'disrespectful' term

"I don’t like the term. We want them to feel welcome."

England boss Gareth Southgate has said he believes the term 'WAG', referring to the wives and girlfriends of players, is "disrespectful".


Southgate was speaking at a press conference on Monday afternoon ahead of his team's Nations League fixture at home to Hungary and responded to reports there is set to be a documentary about the partners of England's players made during the Qatar World Cup later this year.

"I'd be surprised if the group of players we've got would have interest in that," Southgate said.

"They've wanted to focus on the football. The focus in Russia and last summer was all about the players and everything that they do. We've never had any issues."


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Southgate on says 'WAG' is 'disrespectful'

Having said that he believes it is important that the players' partners and other family members are present and involved at major tournaments, he added: "I actually think the term 'WAGs' is quite disrespectful really.

"It's their partners and family, so I don't like the term. We want them to feel welcome."


The term WAGs - an abbreviation for Wives And Girlfriends - was coined by the tabloid media during England's 2006 World Cup campaign in 2006. It has been widely used ever since.

Southgate on the importance of including players' families at tournaments

Southgate went on to speak of the important role player families play during a tournament, reflecting on the experiences of England's last World Cup campaign.


"We invited them into the hotel when we could in Russia - mums, dads and kids. It's a great feeling when you get the kids in especially. It changes the dynamic in the hotel but we couldn't do that last year because of COVID.

"It's one big family. Everybody recognises that part of what we do has been very good over the past couple of years."

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