FootballJOE's Career Path Quiz: #1 1 year ago

FootballJOE's Career Path Quiz: #1

Quiz time

If, like us, your brain is packed full with random bits of football trivia, you'll know there are only a few times in life when such knowledge actually comes in use.


This, friends, is one of those times.

The first of a new series of FootballJOE quiz, we've given you the career paths of five footballers, represented by the badges of the clubs they played for.

We haven't given you any dates, but we have indicated if any of the players have retired. All you have to do is work out who's who in the five minutes we've given you.


You can type your answers in the table below. To make your task marginally easier, please note that you only need to add a surname, too.

Oh, and if this is proving excruciatingly difficult, there's also a hint if you scroll down. You probably won't need it. We believe in you.

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Hint: All five players won Champions League titles at some point between 2010 and 2020.