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09th Dec 2021

Piers Morgan is predictably fuming at Simone Biles being crowned athlete of the year

Kieran Galpin

Piers morgan

Piers Morgan takes to Twitter, again…

Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to once again whine and complain, this time about Simone Biles being crowned TIME magazine’s Athlete of the Year.

While Morgan was vocal during the Olympics about Biles’ decision to pull out of the Olympic team final, who could have predicted he would have something to say on this news?

The Answer? Everyone. Everyone could’ve predicted the onslaught of tweets.

Morgan chose to wake up today and once again share his opinion, quote tweeting TIME‘s tweet and saying: “Ridiculous. We should celebrate winning in sport – not quitting.”

In a follow-up tweet, the former Good Morning Britain host wrote: “‘Athlete of the Year’ for someone who quit on her team so they lost, then recovered in time to compete in her solo event a few days later? Pur-lease.”

People have begun reacting to Morgan’s statement, with one person writing: “Dude, you quit your job mid-programme because your station weatherman mildly rebuked you. Take a seat.”

Another said: “I can not see his tweets as I’m blocked but let me guess it’s most likely about 1. Megan 2. a woman of colour. 3. Something about sport.”

“For once you completely missed the point Piers. Mental health is more important than winning or even Sport and there should be more awareness about it. We are losing far too many people to mental health illness because it is not getting enough attention. Kudos to @TIME,” wrote another.

While the keyboard warrior clearly has a lot to say on the topic, the vast majority of people are still commending Biles for her choice and the title she has now won.

“For many reasons, Biles is incredibly deserving,” one person wrote.

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