Petition for England-Italy rematch reaches 125,000 signatures 4 months ago

Petition for England-Italy rematch reaches 125,000 signatures

Because petitions for rematches famously work

Last week, after England beat Denmark in the semi-finals of Euro 2020, a petition began circulating that called for a rematch.


Naturally, England fans mocked it and called for Danish fans to accept the result. Well how the tables have turned, because there is now a petition calling for a rematch of the final between England and Italy.

The petition, which has garnered 125,000 signatures, reads:

“The match on 11/07/2021 was not fair at all. After Italy only receiving a yellow card for dragging England players like they were slaves. All the pushes, pulls and kicks and Italy was still allowed to win? Definitely biased. Italy should have been given a red card for their gameplay and the rematch should happen with a non-biased referee. This was not fair at all.”

Again, the author of the petition seems to have missed the blatant irony of this post. Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers actually issued Italy four yellow cards and gave England only one. So, where's the bias?


England were heavily criticised by supporters of other nations after the win over Denmark. Accused of diving and general gamesmanship, the match also saw Kasper Schmeichel have a laser pointer flashed towards his eyes prior to Harry Kane's penalty, which eventually led to England's victory.

The comments beneath the petition are a gold mine:

"Im just singing it to say that then every bloody match of england hast to bei replayed because your Fans behaved disgusting in every match. Like booing at the oponents hymn or even trying to distract a goalkeeper with a laserpointer," writes one undercover petition signee.


"Haha. So salty!!! Better luck in another 55 years guys. VIVA L'ITALIA!!!!"