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Euro 2020

08th Jul 2021

There’s already a petition for an England Denmark rematch

Kieran Galpin

Will you sign?

Last night’s Euro 2020 semi-final between England and Denmark secured a date with destiny, and Italy, on Sunday. However, the match was not without controversy.

Danish fans (and basically anyone who isn’t English) decried the officiating, and particular the referee’s decision to award the penalty from which England won the game.

A petition has now surfaced online calling for a rematch, which, frankly, is a bit stupid and very doubtful to happen.

The description reads: “We wish to overrule the penalty decision against Denmark. It was a wrong call, there needs to be contact for a penalty and there was absolutely no contact. If this is not overruled, it would show a failure by UEFA and the beautiful game of football.”

Though it is likely to alter the match result, it does demonstrate how many people are unhappy with what unfolded. The petition is currently aiming for 1,000 signatures, but this will undoubtedly be increased the closer they get to the target.

Jose Mourinho also questioned the penalty, going as far as to say that referee Danny Makkelie ‘wouldn’t sleep well’ after his decision:

“Yes, amazing game, but I’m not sure you want to listen to my opinion,” he said to talkSPORT.

“I say the way I see it, not the way it is. Maybe you don’t like my opinion this time…

“It’s never a penalty. The best team won, England deserve to win. England was fantastic, but for me it’s never a penalty.”

Comments beneath the petition shed light on the motives of those who signed.

“It was never a penalty, and the second ball interfered the game. Should’ve been stopped,” writes one signee.

“Two balls in play on the field, Sterling dived, Schmeichel had a laser pointed at him during the pen.”

“Defo Should Be A Rematch That Was A Drive, Tom Daly Don’t Have A Look In When You See That Dive.”

Well, there you have it. Next stop Italy on Sunday.