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02nd Jul 2018

Norwich City’s new kit is a nostalgic throwback to the monstrosities of the 1990s

Not sure if beautiful or ugly

Reuben Pinder

This is bold

Kit manufacturers in football face the difficult task of reinventing the same kit every year. Some team’s colour palettes give the manufacturers more to work with, but most of the time, the time spent redesigning a kit for the upcoming season consists of adding a collar, removing a collar or adjusting the width of the stripes.

Consequently, there has been a recent trend of kit designers reverting to popular 1990s design and applying the modern technology. Like putting an Audi R8 engine in a Jauguar E-Type. Or something, I don’t know about cars.

Anyway, Norwich City’s kit manufacturers, Errea, have decided to follow Adidas’ model of recreating old jerseys with an incredibly beautiful/ugly (delete as appropriate) kit for the upcoming 2018/19 season.

The good folk of have supplied pictures.