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01st Jan 2016

Movement coach Ido Portal has an interesting nickname for Conor McGregor


Movement coach Ido Portal has come up with an interesting nickname for Conor McGregor after helping the Irishman defeat Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

“All this machismo, all this mentality surrounding the Irish fans, the MMA game, I think Conor is very good not letting this distract him,” Portal told The MMA Hour.

“He feels that sharpness and that ability to deliver a very potent dosage…he’s superior to the drop coffee that everybody else is drinking. He is the Espresso Man.”


While Portal has played down his role in the “Espresso Man’s” victory against Aldo – and feels McGregor can still get “much, much, much better” – he’s keen to maintain their working relationship ahead of a potential fight in March.

“Right now everything is open, and [McGregor and I] haven’t really discussed things yet,” Portal continued.

“Conor said it best himself, he’s a white belt. It can get much, much, much better.

“It’s unbelievable how much better it can get. But the rest of the fighting game hasn’t even taken their first classes.”