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Fight of Your Life

30th Aug 2018

Episode 10: Vegas, baby (and Darren Till)

Time for a little trip to the UFC Performance Institute

Oli Dugmore

Dylan Evans and Darren Till

Time for a little trip to the UFC Performance Institute

Liverpool’s Darren Till is currently in Las Vegas training at the UFC Performance Institute in preparation for his title fight against UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Last week, Dylan Evans joined him.

After finishing his final dose of chemotherapy just 10 days prior, the amateur MMA fighter couldn’t turn down the opportunity to train with Britain’s best.

The 24-year-old from Stevenage gave up his full time job last year to make a go of it in the cage but in January he was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma, and faced chemotherapy every two weeks for six months.

For his return to training Evans was flown to Las Vegas in a surprise trip with Gymshark, who have provided him with all new training gear.

He joined Darren Till in the Octagon to drill and sparred hard rounds with fighters on the UFC roster, including Erick da Silva and Terry Etim.

Till spent time hearing Evans’ story and described him as “an inspiration to us all.”

“He’s stronger than all of us, he’s just beat 12 session of chemo, and we think we have it tough? He’s my main man.”

“Landed two hours ago maybe, grabbed some food with the Gymshark guys and now we’re checking out the UFC performance institute,” Dylan said. “Smashing the fuck out of the power station pro, 145,000 with a kick. Giving Francis Ngannou a run for his money, and I’m sweating already.

“Getting ready to spar with these boys, I’m fucking buzzing. It’s the first sparring session since my last chemo two weeks ago. Now I’ve got the opportunity to train with these boys. Time to sharpen them tools and take back what cancer took away from me.

“I can’t explain it – surreal experience, it’s just frustrating. I know how much better I am than that, but I can’t get disheartened.

I get to train with legends man, I get to punch these boys in the face, it’s insane.

“It’s frustrating, it’s very frustrating, because a year ago I was in such good shape with my cardio. It’s heartbreaking a little bit, but it’s also a little bit of fuel to my fire.”

“I’ll be here with these boys on a permanent basis before you know it.

“Fuck cancer mate.”