Episode 9: The final chemotherapy 1 year ago

Episode 9: The final chemotherapy

From cage to chemotherapy and back again

Dylan Evans began chemotherapy to treat Hodgkin lymphoma in March 2018 and, five months later, he faces his final course.

Since finding a lump on his neck in January 2018, Dylan's life has been a whirlwind of treatment, healthy eating, close shaves and incredibly, MMA training.

With just one chemotherapy left, Dylan is now looking ahead to a life where he does what he loves, free of worry over things which had previously occupied his mind such as material possessions.

Most of all, he says that he is appreciative that his diagnosis came at the time it did, rather than when he was 55 or 60, at an age when he would perhaps be too old to change his life outlook.

His main takeaway though? Life's too fucking short.