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Fight of Your Life

02nd Jul 2018

Episode 1: From the cage to chemo, and back again

Dylan Evans faces the biggest fight of his life

Oli Dugmore

Dylan Evans faces the biggest fight of his life

In January Dylan Evans was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma. Through his life he’d fought more than most but this would be the biggest. A biological confrontation tougher than everything else.

Before the diagnosis Dylan had left his job to make a run at becoming a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Fighting six amateur bouts, he’s earned a blue belt in BJJ and trains out of Renegade Fitness Academy in Stevenage. Then cancer happened.

More than halfway a course of chemotherapy, Dylan finishes treatment on August 10. Then the ambition becomes getting back in the cage.

The 23-year-old said: “I decided to make a run with a dream, I left my job and gave it everything I had. January of this year I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Since March this year I’ve been treated with chemotherapy every two weeks, I get treated and then I have two weeks to recover. It gets a bit tedious.

“I’ve been given the ‘all-clear’ by my haematologist already, less than halfway through the chemotherapy course. But like a course of antibiotics I have to finish it otherwise the cancer will come straight back.

“I’m now trying to rebuild what was taken away from me. The fitness I had, the strength I had. Countless hours of hard work I put in, that was taken away from me in such a small fraction of the time it took to build up.

“I’m declaring I’ll be rebuilding now. I’ve got four treatments left, I had chemotherapy earlier today. Once I get to August 10 that’s when I can think about putting a lot of effort into it.

“For the time being I’m doing what I can, I’m tired a lot of the time, as you can imagine chemotherapy is not pleasant.

“I used to be sick for days, it would reduce me to tears, I wouldn’t sleep. Thankfully, it’s got better over time, which I’m very grateful for.

“We’re nearly at the end. I keep being praised for how positive I’ve remained over the whole thing and how I’ve dealt with it. I don’t know how else I would deal with it.

“I was faced with a situation, I had no way out of it. It backed me into a corner and I could either curl up into a ball and cry about it or I could bite down on my gum shield and fight it like I would anything else.”