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Fight of Your Life

10th Jul 2018

Episode 4: Feet like bricks

Dylan Evans won't let a bit of chemotherapy get in the way of hitting pads

Oli Dugmore

Dylan Evans won’t let a bit of chemotherapy get in the way of hitting pads

Dylan Evans gave up his job to chase a dream. He wants to be a professional MMA fighter, with a burgeoning 2-4 amateur record, but in January he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

The blood cancer is being treated with chemotherapy, and Dylan’s haematologist has already given him the all-clear but, like a course of antibiotics, he must still finish his prescription.

On August 10 he’ll be done, dusted and training to get back into the cage. Although he still insists on training when he can, be it strength and conditioning or hitting the bag and pads.

“I’ve not hit pads since before I started chemo,” Dylan says. “If you’ve hit pads before, or been involved in any type of combat sport, you’ll know the cardio is completely different.

“The further away from chemo I get the better, I’ve already trained a bit this week which I’m still feeling.

“All I did was a few rounds on the heavy bag and I woke up feeling like I’d done 15 full body workouts.

“I can’t even explain how much I enjoyed hitting pads.

“It killed me, gave everything I had for three rounds and I was blowing. It’s a different kind of cardio.

“Lactic acid built up and hit me straight away, it felt like I had bricks on my feet. Nonetheless I enjoyed it.”