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07th Jul 2018

Dana White denies that Conor McGregor negotiations are underway

This contradicts what John Kavanagh said the other day

Ben Kiely

There are conflicting reports regarding Conor McGregor and his UFC return.

Depending on who you ask, Conor McGregor is either in talks with the UFC or definitely not negotiating his return at the moment.

John Kavanagh understands that ‘The Notorious’ is currently in talks with the promotion. The SBG head coach told Brett Okamoto of ESPN the other day that talks are ‘ongoing’ between the UFC and McGregor. This supposed confirmation began doing the rounds online until Dana White rode in to piss all over everyone’s parade.

The UFC president denied reports that the UFC had begun negotiations with McGregor during a recent interview with Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports. White admits that all parties have been in contact with each other since before the bus incident at UFC 223  media day. However, he claims that the actual ‘talks’ haven’t started yet.

“No, we’re not (in talks with Conor McGregor). But we have been talking. We’ve been talking since before the incident happened.”

“It’s funny because that’s one of the things I said too. I said, ‘Listen, after Conor makes this money with Floyd, he may never fight again.’ And he hasn’t. He hasn’t fought since that fight. I know he wants to. I know Conor is anxious to fight. And, you know, we’ve got to get through this thing in July.”

“But no, no talks are going on right now.”

Go figure.