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18th Feb 2023

Mikel Arteta absolutely ruins referee with sarcastic sideline gesture

Lee Costello

There’s petulant, and then there’s Mikel Arteta.

Mikel Arteta absolutely ruined referee Simon Hooper with a sarcastic gesture on the sideline, after the match official made Arsenal retake a quick free kick.

Aston Villa had gone 2-1 up against the Gooners thanks to goals from Ollie Watkins and Philippe Coutinho, but after a Zinchenko equaliser, the London side were searching for a winner.

They attempted to take a quick free and counter the home squad, but Hooper made the hand-rolling motion and ordered the free to be retaken, claiming that the ball was still rolling when it was kicked.

Mikel Arteta

Arteta went full ‘petulant child mocking their older sibling’ by mimicking the same gesture back to the referee, but with the sort of exaggerated energy a slapstick comedian would be proud of.

The game was marred with shithousery antics throughout the whole 96 minutes, as the Villa keeper Emiliano Martinez kept trying to slow the game down on purpose.

Mikel Arteta

The irony won’t be lost on him however, as near the end of the game a belter of a shot from Jorginho smashed the crossbar, only to then bounce off the back of the Argentinan’s head and into his own goal.

The home side then threw their keeper up front to search for an equaliser when they won a corner in the dying minutes, only for Arsenal to score again on the counter thanks to Gabriel Martinelli.

It was the manner of the goal that really typified the tone of this game, as the Brazilian actually began celebrating his late score before he took the shot.

Arsenal won 4-2, and are now top of the league once more after losing pole position to Manchester City midweek.

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