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24th Mar 2022

Mike Tyson unfazed by man who pulled gun on him in bizarre altercation

Daniel Brown

Tyson remained unfazed by the ordeal

Mike Tyson appeared to be challenged to a fight by a man who pulled a gun on the former boxer, after video footage of the altercation emerged online.

The 55-year-old was in attendance at a comedy event at a rooftop bar, however, things quickly escalated and he ended up at the centre of a concerning stand-off.

A video clip, which was obtained by showbiz outlet TMZ, shows a man interrupting the comedy show and confronting ‘Iron Mike’.

The man wanted to ‘upgrade his status’ by fighting Tyson

mike tyson gun

According to reports, eye witnesses claim that he challenged Tyson to a fight so that he could ‘upgrade his status’.

However, the boxing legend remained sat down and refused to interact with the man – before another person entered the scene.

The host of the show can be heard shouting,”What the f**k are you doing? Get the f**k out of here. I’m not playing with you, get out of here.”

Following some back-and-forth between the pair, the host pushed the man away from Tyson, which led to the man pulling a gun out. As he did, the person filming the video ducked under a table.

Tyson ended up giving the man a hug after the altercation

mike tyson gun

The man quickly put the gun away before approaching Tyson, who gave him a hug in a somewhat bizarre moment of embrace.

As he left the room, he delivered some parting words for the audience, screaming ‘New York! Brownsville!’ in reference to the neighbourhood Tyson grew up in, before firmly shaking his hand again and leaning in with his forehead.

He then shouted ‘Shalawam!’ which translates to ‘May peace be with you’ in Hebrew and saluted Tyson before eventually walking away.

In typical fashion, Iron Mike was unfazed by the incident and barely flinched throughout the ordeal.

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