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01st Jul 2017

Footage emerges of unhappy Lionel Messi being molested on Argentinian TV

We're lost for words.


How was this ever considered okay?

This is hands down the strangest piece of footage we’ve ever seen of a football superstar being interviewed on national television. And it is by far the most disturbing.

Archive footage of a young Lionel Messi appearing on an Argentinian TV show has been doing the rounds on the internet this weekend. And it’s not your usual sit down interview. If only.

The clip shows the Barcelona superstar getting inappropriately groped and molested by a group of 5 older men in wigs and strange costumes on the extremely bizarre ‘comedy’ show.

The previously unreleased footage was apparently shot in 2006, when Messi was still only a teenager, which makes this clip all the more unsettling.