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13th Jun 2017

Manchester United appear to have dropped a huge hint that Wayne Rooney is leaving the club

Just a coincidence?


The football season is over. Even the bit where we have to pretend to care about the internationals.

Because of this, we now have to accept that all that lies ahead for us football fans over the next couple of months will be meaningless preseason friendlies, new kit launches and transfer rumours… lots and lots of transfer rumours.

Naturally, the transfer rumours are already coming thick and fast. Even if there’s nothing really to go at, you can always count on someone reading far too much into a player’s social media activity and interpreting something as trivial as a like on Instagram as being a clue as to where they’ll be playing their football next season.

Now, thanks to another social media-based clue, it seems (to some at least) that Wayne Rooney’s days as a Manchester United player are numbered.

As pointed out by the tweet below (and several hundred others) Rooney has been removed from a header image used by United’s social media pages to promote their new away kit. Whereas he originally featured alongside Jesse Lingard, Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba, he is now nowhere to be seen.

This *might* just be a coincidence of course, but few United supporters would be too surprised if their captain is moved on this summer.