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16th Feb 2022

Disgusting moment Kell Brook’s trainer downs glass of the boxer’s sweat

Callum Boyle

Why? Just why?

Kell Brook’s trainer was caught drinking a glass of the boxer’s sweat following an intense workout in the build-up to his fight against Amir Khan this weekend.

Brook is working alongside trainer Dominic Ingle in Sheffield after recently returning from a warm-weather camp in Fuerteventura.

Ahead of Saturday’s bout in Manchester, Sky Sports were given behind-the-scenes access in their Behind the Ropes’ documentary into Brook’s preparations.

But fans were left horrified by Ingle after he was filmed drinking a glass of the 35-year-old’s sweat after an intense workout after Brook dared his trainer to do so.

In the build-up, the trainer can be heard saying to Brook: “On the 19th you are going to get the blood and the tears from Khan, you can give me the sweat instead. Am I alright to put this on Ebay?”

The conversation then continues, with the experienced fighter then challenging Ingle to “down it” before his coach duly responded: “Down it?”

What follows is easily one of the grimmest things you’ll see on television as Ingle drinks the sweat with no hesitation – much to the surprise of Brook himself.

The video also appears to show Ingle swilling the sweat round in his mouth before swallowing it in which he then replied: “There you go, I’ve got a bit of Kell Brook!”


As expected, the video wasn’t taken to warmly with several people left disgusted by what they had seen.
Viral star KSI tweeted: “This ain’t it,” whilst another user tweeted: “This is my cue to get off twitter.”