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18th Dec 2021

Joseph Parker beats Derek Chisora by unanimous decision in thrilling rematch

Daniel Brown

Parker won the bout by unanimous decision

Joseph Parker secured a unanimous decision victory against Derek Chisora in their rematch bout as he knocked the Brit down on three occasions.

The New Zealander won their first fight in May via a split decision and dominated the majority of the rematch, despite some incredible resistance from Chisora.

Parker started the fight on top, landing a big right hand in the first round. Chisora started cautiously, missing with an overhand right before Parker responded with a well-worked combination which saw him land a superb right hand on the chin.

The Briton began the second round strongly, connecting with a jab to the body and following it up with a right hand. Parker, who was up against the ropes, responded well to land some shots – before catching Chisora with a big uppercut. Towards the end of the round, Parker was then able to land a few big hits.

Chisora made a promising start to the third, but Parker was able to land an uppercut which saw the Brit on the back foot as his opponent attempted to finish the bout. The 37-year-old was able to get off the ropes and dragged the fight back into the centre of the ring, finishing with some shots to Parker’s body.

After weathering the storm in the early stages, Del Boy got in close to Parker to land some big body shots. However, Parker landed with a massive uppercut that had Chisora wobbling. He was able to survive the count, someone delivering a flurry of punches towards the end of the round.

The fifth round saw both fighters exchange jabs, with Chisora – whose name was being sung by the crowd – attempting to close the space. Parker was able to land a couple of nice uppercuts but Chisora was able to eat them up as he maintained a strong defence.

Both fighters continued to deliver big blows, with both fighters continuing to take them. The New Zealander landed with a brilliant left-right combination, but Chisora once again took them well and responded with a few shots to the body himself. Chisora delivered a strong left hand, but Parker reacted with a clean right hand in the last few seconds.

Round seven saw Parker knock Chisora down, however, Del Boy was able to get to his feet and, somehow, land a superb combo to finish the round on the top.

The pair began to look tired as they delivered a number of heavy hits into each other’s bodies, before Parker landed with another massive uppercut which saw Chisora fall onto the ropes in order to keep himself on his feet. In typical fashion, the Brit kept plugging away, even when it looked like he had nothing left.

Parker started the ninth round of the front foot, once again forcing Chisora up against the ropes before throwing a flurry of punches. Clearly tired, Chisora throw a big right hand that missed the target, but he was able to end the round by throwing a few hits.

While it appeared that Chisora might not make it to the 10th round, his determination alone dragged him into it. He used the left jab well after taking a few shots from Parker. The pair both looked tired as they threw some lazy shots as the Brit enjoyed a successful round.

Del Boy used the jab to make a good start to the 11th round, but Parker continued to look in control as he delivered a good overhand right.

Parker finished the bout with a host a strong shots, but Chisora somehow kept going. A jab and right hand got through from range before Chisora landed one more hit before the bell.

The New Zealander, who controlled the majority of the fight, won by unanimous decision with the judges scoring the fight 115-110, 115-111 and 114-112.

After the fight, Parker was keen to praise Chisora for the part he played in their entertaining bout.

“I don’t know he was one tough guy honestly it felt like a continuation of the first fight,” Parker said.

“What a christmas present! I felt stronger than in the first fight and it was important to start strong.

“As you can see there is more improvements to be made, I just rushed it and got too excited at times but again there is alot of practice to be done.

“He is a credit to the sport of boxing, the crowd went mental when he walked out.”

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