Joey Barton has once again had his say on Neymar 2 years ago

Joey Barton has once again had his say on Neymar

Joey Barton is a man of opinions

Whether it was during his time as a footballer or in his current role as manager of Fleetwood Town, Joey Barton loves to say things; things which are usually fairly controversial.

Barton has had opinions on a variety of issues throughout the years, but a cursory search through Twitter illustrates just how much of his thoughts are occupied by one person in particular: Neymar.

Joey Barton

And now, more than a year after his last tweet about the PSG forward, Barton has once again taken to his favourite social media platform to pour scorn on the world's most expensive player, using some very simple emojis.

Presumably unimpressed with Neymar's performance against Liverpool in the Champions League, Barton tweeted little more than the player's name, accompanied by an emoji of a man shrugging and a smiley face wearing a monocle. We're going to give Barton the benefit of the doubt though and assume he thought it was a magnifying glass.