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07th Jun 2021

Jake Paul calls out Canelo Alvarez after brother’s fight with Mayweather

Danny Jones

Jake Paul calls out Canelo Alvarez

Will there be a day without mentioning one of the Paul brothers ever again? Please, make it stop

Following his big brother Logan’s disappointing fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul has now called out Canelo Alvarez. He said he would “eat him alive”: big words from a man who has only had three fights – only one of which was against any kind of pro fighter.

The 24-year-old called out the Mexican boxer shortly after Sunday night’s “special exhibition”. Alvarez (30) has 56 wins in 59 fights, 38 of them knockouts and just one loss against, guess who? Floyd Mayweather himself. It wasn’t the only bold he claim he made on the night either, as even the commentators had to tell him to pipe down for this tomfoolery:

The younger Paul brother has only just announced his next fight against Tyron Woodley, a former UFC welterweight champion. This will be only his fourth fight but it seems Jake’s eyes are bigger than his belly already.

Jake Paul may be undefeated so far in his ‘professional’ career but it’s a different task altogether coming up against real fighters – especially ones that aren’t retired and actually bother to train. He also might be forgetting that Canelo fractured Billy Joe Saunders eye socket in his last fight. You sure you fancy talking this big a game so soon, lad?

Alvarez made his thoughts known on the fight too, pretty much summing up everyone’s thoughts on the entire evening in one single tweet. Us too lad, us too.

Please don’t let anyone fool you: this is not boxing as we know it and if you think you’re going to get an accurate representation of the sheer skill and style involved in the sport proper, you’re sadly mistaken. Floyd may have admitted “he’s better than I thought he was” but remember how much this man just got paid. No wonder all he could say was he “had fun”, ‘Money’ is laughing as per.

It seems strange to think that all this YouTuber/celebrity boxing—whatever you want to call it—all started with Joe Weller fighting his mate for a laugh and now look how far we’ve come. Suddenly it went from KSI vs Logan Paul to Paul vs Mayweather and influencers calling out genuine professionals left-right and centre. Strange times.

Say what you will about it but it makes money and no matter how much true fight fans might be pulling their hair out watching people flock to the box office for it, we can’t see it ending anytime soon.

Is this the future of boxing? One-off special exhibitions that get out of hand and won’t stop until someone gets seriously hurt? Tony Bellew had his say on Jake Paul, Logan and the whole new fight fad when he spoke to us not long ago – where do you stand on this silly old spectacle?