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07th Jun 2021

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul made vastly different amounts for fight

Kieran Galpin

It seems rather funny to question how much Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul took home after their fight; after all, what was essentially a publicity stunt has earned them millions. Regardless, the world can’t stop talking about the fight, the supposed knockout, and of course, the hugs.

It is slated that Mayweather was guaranteed $10million and a 50% cut of the Pay-per-view. His opponent, whose questionable antics are usually contained on Youtube, is said to take $250,000 and a 10% cut.

However, the professional boxer, and would-be boxer, have different numbers in their heads. Back in March, Mayweather said he expected to take home closer to $100million, while Paul said his cash grab would be somewhere around $20million. Fans certainly did not think highly of the fight, and neither has social media.

“I had fun, I’m not 21 anymore,” said Mayweather. “He’s a great, young fighter better than I thought he was. He’s a tough raw competitor; I was surprised by him tonight.”

Though Mayweather’s claims about Paul may be a push, this celebrity fight has dominated news outlets for months. The fight may not have been the most intense, but it was somewhat entertaining at least.

Regardless of the end figure, both of the combatants walked away with a lovely pay packet. Mayweather will probably invest the money in his new real-estate venture, and Paul will do something ridiculous and undoubtedly offensive.