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22nd Oct 2017

Incredibly clumsy referee runs into a player, falls over, then books him for the ’foul’

The harshest yellow of the season?


This was totally not his fault.

Referees get a lot of stick, but in the heat of the moment, with thousands of fans screaming at you, we get that it can be difficult to keep your head. But there are some decisions we can’t really defend.

Decisions like this one.

In injury time in this Saudi Arabia match, the ref stumbles backward into a player, and falls on his arse. Apart from looking a bit like a tit, there’s no harm done.

But then the ref turns around and yellow cards the player!

The reply from a different angle shows that their legs do get somewhat entangled. But it’s clearly an accident, and not the player’s fault.

It could be worse though. In January,  Porto defender Danilo Pereria was sent off after a referee backed into him, and he put his hands out to stop him.