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20th Sep 2022

Images of fan accommodation prove Qatar is nowhere near ready for the World Cup

Callum Boyle

Fyre Festival Part Two

Images of fan accommodation for this year’s Qatar World Cup has shown that the country is nowhere near ready to host the tournament.

The World Cup is due to begin in less than two months and as part of an insight into what to experience in the Middle East, journalists were given an access all areas tour of what fans can expect.

One of those sections included the accommodation that fans will be staying in, but there is still plenty of work that needs to be done.

Over 80 per cent of the hotels in Doha have been taken by FIFA representatives, with fans scrambling to grab the last remaining free rooms across the country, as reported by the Mail.

Qatar have an array of different styles of accommodation available to those travelling. From cabins to tents to cruise ships by the sea, the country will struggle to put everyone attending up.

The designated fan ‘cabins’ remain under construction and offer no life or personality. Rows and rows of buildings that can only be described as those temporary buildings your school used to own.

Meanwhile there are three separate tent facilities, however these are giving more day five of Leeds Festival than glamping at Glasto.

The ‘Al Khor Camp’ is one of those examples and is a 40-minute drive from central Doha, meaning transport will be limited at best.

Security officials also told the Daily Mail that the site will include beds in the tents, a communal swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and air conditioning. Food kiosks will also be on-site.

Then of course there will be two giant cruise ships in Doha port, but they will not come cheaply. A cabin will set you back £350 a night, with 3,898 cabins, 45 bars and 10 dining facilities available between the two ships.

Qatar World Cup

Given that Qatar is the same size as Yorkshire, plenty of fans travelling have chosen to stay in neighbouring countries such as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, which will increase the cost for those travelling into Qatar for their games.

With time ticking until the tournament gets underway, Qatar has plenty of work to do to ensure that it has even the most basic of facilities available for the millions of people in attendance.

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